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OUR MISSION at Happy Code Club

We want to empower students with the ability, tools, and knowledge needed to excel in STEM related fields.

Why HappyCode?

Over the past decade, Computer Science education has slowly spread across many boundaries, from borders to age ranges to skill levels. Not fast enough we say! As technological advancement accelerates, computer science becomes more important with each passing year. Yet many students from kindergarten all the way through high school don’t yet have the option to learn CS after-school or weekends. Thus Happy Code Club was born!

Our after-school coding club caters to kids from the ages of 6 to 17. Our unique curricula focus on teaching CS through activities that kids enjoy. From robotics and game development to fashion and sports, we’ve got something for every child that will light that spark!

Our elementary-level coding classes teach kids Computer Science basics using Scratch JR, Scratch 2, and Kodable. For rising stars we reinforce the basic and advance further, taking them to new coding languages like Python and C# while expanding upon the CS fundamentals.

We are constantly researching and developing new curricula, not only to keep things fresh but, more importantly, to discover new ways to capture a student’s attention and teach through fun.

Our approach to kids learning code is extremely unique! But what makes us so different from other clubs? Our after-school coding classes make our kids feel like a part of something special; surrounded by friends, they can find their passions no matter what. Our kids are interested in all sorts of different areas like sports, the arts, game design, music stories and way more. Your child can be the creator and the inventor, heading into the 21st Century with confidence.

Our after-school programs can be private or semi-private lessons and we are able to customize a class to suit your child’s interest. We also teach all levels from novice to more advanced, all kids are welcome! Your kids will love what they come up with instilling confidence in their abilities.

Our Happy Staff!

Why Teach Kids Coding?

Kids coding lessons are awesome and here’s why you should enroll your kids in our kids coding clubs

  • Improved critical thinking skills
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Improved technological fluency
  • Prepares them for a bright and successful future
  • Learning program with after-school
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through play

ABOUT Happy Code Club

STEM Programs in Fairfield County

Kids coding is taking the world by storm and there’s a good reason for it! Kids coding lessons give your kids an advantage in a highly competitive and technologically focused world out there. Regardless of where their career might take them, coding will help them to stand out from the crowd. By enrolling your child in kids coding classes, you are preparing them for a bright future. Here at Happy Code Club we make kids coding fun by teaching them to make their own games, apps and much more. They’ll have a blast with our kids coding afternoon activities.


We'll be happy to answer any questions
Fernando Alvarenga Founder Happy Code
Fernando Alvarenga
Read My Bio
Fernando is passionate about Computer Science. He’s been working in the IT sector and Technology Innovation for over 20 years. He is a graduate of Sacred Heart University earned Business Certificates from the Executive Business School at Tuck University and Programming Certificates from Harvey Mudd College. He works hard to make the experience great for kids by leading innovation projects in Curriculum Development, Fun Programs, Professional Development and more. In his spare time, he likes to Run, Rock Climb, Bike, and Raise Free Range Chickens in his North Stamford Home.
Sharon Duncalf
Operations Manager & Kids Coding Instructor
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Sharon has a background in film studies, video editing, and marketing. She completed an M.F.A. in 2014 with a concentration in video editing from Academy of Art University. She also has a B.A. from Quinnipiac University in communications. Aside from film, she also has a passion for the environment and education. She enjoys learning new things and hopes to inspire a love of learning in children.
Beau Jackson
Head Coding Instructor & JavaScript Curriculum Developer
Read My Bio
Beau has a degree in Classical Greek and Latin from NYU. He previously taught and guest-lectured at universities all over South Korea. Fluent in Korean, Beau has had a successful career in television and radio broadcasting with a broad reach in South Korea and China.At Happy Code Club, he teaches and develops curricula for HTML, CSS & JavaScript with a focus on empowering students to experiment, to create, and to discover their own coding superpowers.
Brittany DeJesus from Happy Code Club
Brittany DeJesus
Lead Instructor and Curriculum Writer
Read My Bio
Brittany is a recent graduate of Trinity Catholic High School who is continuing her education at High Point University in North Carolina while supporting HappyCode operations remotely. She is very passionate about working with kids as she hopes to pursue a career in Childhood Education with a minor degree in Special Education. Brittany has spent over a hundred hours volunteering at local elementary schools in Stamford to give her more experience with what she wants to do in her career. She excelled in her academics and was recently inducted into the National Honors Society at Trinity. She has trained at Happy Code Club in several Scratch curriculums and is an active participant in the development of Scratch jr curriculums, Camp activities and STEM Day events.
Erickson Paschke
Scratch Instructor Guru
Read My Bio
Erickson earned his BS in Game Art and Animation from Champlain College and he is passionate about Art, Programming and Game Design. Soon after college he discovered that he loves working with kids and he has worked for several years teaching Kids Computer Science. At Happy Code club we love the many ways he can teach and he is endeavoring on creative new ways all the time to teach kids using the latest technologies and methods.
Francis Alvaro
Kids Coding Instructor
Michael Donofrio
Coding Instructor and Curriculum Author
Sonomi Totsuka
Kids Coding Instructor
Read My Bio
Sonomi earned her BS in Computer Science from Stony Brook University. She previously worked as a developer and QA at several companies. She has volunteered in Stamford public schools teaching business and entrepreneurship to elementary students. Fluent in Japanese.
Charlie Ira
Read My Bio
Charlie is a junior at UConn Stamford studying computer science. He spent the summer of 2018 working on research regarding blockchain technology with the CS director of UConn Stamford. Coding is his passion and passing his knowledge to the next generation of programmers means everything to him. In his spare time he enjoys playing Fortnite […]
Philip Coding Instructor
Philip De Munck
Read My Bio
Philip is currently a Junior at Staples High School. He enjoys coding as one of his primary passions, and is delighted when others are interested and want to learn to code. Philip works with students to ensure their understanding of a lesson while also creating a fun and inviting atmosphere. When he has spare time, […]
Kamalteja Volunteer
Kamalteja Kola
Volunteer Kids Coding Instructor
Read My Bio
Kamalteja earned her masters degree in Information Technology as a software developer from central Queensland University (CQU) Australia. She is very much passionate about sharing her knowledge and working with kids. “I'm able to explain to kids in both theoretical and practical examples. Happy code club (HCC) have given a great opportunity as a volunteer to prove myself and to build future generations.” As a web developer she has developed a few websites using different programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.
Souleyman Bane Coding Instructor
Souleyman Bane
Coding Instructor
Read My Bio
Souley, as he is warmly known, has been around technology his whole life and naturally he has decided to major in Computer Science at NCC. He specializes in Java and has experience in Python, HTML, SQL, and a bit more. “Teaching and learning with my students is something I’ll never get tired of, and working at happy code club has been full of moments I’ll never forget.”
Edward Coding Instructor at Happy Code Club
Edward Schildnecht
Coding Instructor
Read My Bio
Edward is currently working towards an AS in Computer Science at NCC with his sights set on a bachelor's degree once he's done. His passion lies in everything STEM. When he is not working at HCC he enjoys spending his time learning about the latest technological or scientific advances, gaming, and programming for fun. His favorite language is Java, but he has experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL. Edward has also tutored in the past and is excited at the opportunity to spread his love of computers, technology, and science to every child he teaches.
Sagar Gulati Coding Instructor
Sagar Gulati
Kids Coding Instructor
Read My Bio
Sagar earned his BS in Computational Biology at the University of Rochester in 2019. During college, he discovered his love for teaching while coaching computer science at the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester and as an organic chemistry teaching assistant. He is passionate about helping students learn lifelong skills. In the future, he plans to go to medical school and pursue orthopedic surgery.
Joe Morocho
Joseph Morocho
Kids Coding Instructor
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Joe is a freshman at Western Connecticut so he considers himself a rookie at Computer Science and is very motivated to learn more through teaching kids the art of coding. His family is quite big and being the oldest of five little ones, his little siblings have provided him with an ever present elementary classroom at home. You can say he is a natural on interacting with kids. His interest are soccer, chess, and programming. In HS he was FCIAC All-WEST, has beaten the fabled GrandMaster of chess club once,". He also has a American Red Nose Pitbull named Bentley.
Kevin Happy Code Club Instructor Trainee
Kevin Romero
Coding Instructor Trainee
Read My Bio
Kevin is a student at UConn studying Computer Science and Engineering. He enjoys writing programs in his free time. He is interested in computer security and networking, as well as constructing bots to automate daily tasks.

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