Intro to Scratch

Beginners start coding with Scratch JR, Kodable and Scratch where the projects introduce them to functions that control movement, sounds, language, and visuals. Kids quickly learn to use the blocks and move into artistic creations they can animate with the use of the visual coding language. They are introduced to blocks in Scratch when they are ready and show dexterity of use of the simpler blocks. The approach is always fun and immediately gratifying to children and they want to share their projects with parents and friends alike. It’s coding fun from the first minute to the last.

Kids share their projects during and at the end of the session and take home pictures of their creations.

  • Grade: K-1 
Programming in Scratch

In this fun coding class kids go behind the scenes of Video Games and make their own using the programming language Scratch. Through coding activities kids create animations, stories and solve problems making this class a perfect continuation and/or introduction to Computer Programming with fun projects. Your child will be placed according to skill. The concepts learned in this class are applicable later in our follow up javascript, python and Unity classes. Kids projects are featured in a Student Showcase at the end of each session and parents are invited.

  • Grades: 2+
Intermediate Programming in Scratch

In this STEAM Class, we take your previous Scratch Programming Skills and Introduce Challenging Projects that incorporate your Current Scratch Coding Skills. Our instructors help you take it to the next level with Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Tinkering. Kids continue to hone in on Computer Programming skills, to make more challenging games.

Kids projects are featured in a Student Showcase at the end of each session and parents are invited.

  • Grades: 3+
  • Prerequisites:  Programming in Scratch (or equivalent outside experience)
Coding for the Web

This course is designed coders who are ready to take their Scratch skills to the next level. The web is a visual medium, therefore we will cover major concepts of what is behind the curtain on a website. Students will get some exposure to the main technologies of the web trio (HTML, CSS & Javascript). Guided lessons take students through basic syntax and logic in order to learn how easy it is to create and manipulate text, images, event-based animations, and atmospheric scenes in a browser.

Students will, by class end, be able to build their own web projects. Through deliberate practice of these concepts, we will explore some of the mysteries of the web and discover how powerful it can be to code our own web-based projects!

  • Grades: 7 – 12 (Ages 12 – 16)
  • Prerequisites: At least 2 semesters of Scratch and/or previous coding experience
Intro to Robotics

Begin exploring robots by building a few. This engineering class for kids focuses on the building robots and animating them with pre-built programs for easy and gratifying results. The idea is to encourage the engineer and tinkerer in every child with fun play building. Children take home pictures of their creations.

  • Grades: 1 – 3
Robotics Challenges

With robotics kids learn and discover that machines perform specific tasks depending on design and sets of instructions. The instructions are the programs the kids write to make the machines they build act a certain way. They will debug their programs so they work properly and they adjust their robots so the design fits the task.

This class will be run in seasons with students encouraged to go from one season to the next while applying previously learned challenges to complete more complex challenges.

Parents are encouraged to come at the end of each season to see the kids challenges take action.

  • Grades: 4+
Awesome Robots

Robots are fun because you can dream them and build them. Coding Robots is part of the game and as you work on a new creation you will want the robot to do cool things like follow you, respond, battle other robots, act like a puppy or solve a rubik’s cube puzzle. Hold on though! One step a time, that is why there are 4 levels of this class in which we cover lego engineering and building, Robot Programming and for budding engineers WEdo 2.0 lego Robots. There is fun for all ages in Robotics.

  • Grades: 3+
Circuits & Electronics

In this fun tinkering class you will be simply amazed. We will make musical instruments with bananas, or with the floor tiles and hop your way into a song. You will create your own video game controllers with gummy worms and as you do you will discover that many items you use everyday can be conductors. Wire cardboard and create an interactive word problem solver.

  • Grades: 2 – 5
Unity Unwrapped

In this Game Development class we introduce the Unity3D game engine – a powerful yet easy-to-learn tool used widely in the gaming industry to create fun and fantastic games! After learning how to use the engine’s interface, we begin building games using a visual scripting language (similar to Scratch) to teach Computer Science concepts and Game Development basics.

  • Grades: 4+
  • Prerequisits: Prior coding experience with Scratch, Python or similar is a plus but not required.
Unity Unplugged

In this STEAM class we use the visual programming language Scratch to learn Computer Science concepts used in the real world. Kids learn by designing and coding games. Along the way students learn skills like Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Kids pick up on Computer Programming skills such as Sequencing, Iteration, Conditional Statements, and Variables all while having fun making games they can share with their friends and family.

Kids showcase and share their projects at the end of the last class session – parents invited!

  • Grades: 5 – 10 (Ages 10 – 16)
  • Prerequisites: Unity Unwrapped or equivalent coding experience
Unity Unmasked

In this 3D game design & development class we expand our technical horizons by migrating from visual scripting to coding with C# and JavaScript. As we dive into the world of three dimensions, students learn Physics and Engineering concepts related to 2D and 3D space. Furthermore, we learn more advanced game design principles in order to build crucial cognitive skills related to Spatial Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Visual Processing. Over the full 12 weeks we build six 2D and 3D games (5 of 6 are 3D with different perspectives).

  • Grades: 6 – 11 (Ages 11 – 17)
  • Prerequisites: Unity Unplugged or equivalent coding experience
Unity Unleashed

In this advanced 3D game design & development class, we reinforce the technical and cognitive skills developed in Level 2 while covering how to develop games for mobile platforms using Unity3D. We build 2 simple games for iOS and Android while learning the ins and outs of mobile programming. We cover how to take a game from “concept” to “release” on the market. Then students build their own game for their platform of choice – desktop or mobile.

  • Grades: 6 – 11 (Ages 11 – 17)
  • Prerequisites: Unity Unmasked or significant prior programming experience with a high-level language (such as Java, Python, C#, C++, etc.)
Python Power!

In this STEAM class, we introduce the wonderful world of Python – an excellent language to learn and develop coding skills with. We finish a new project every week; each project is easy for beginners to grasp and is designed to teach or reinforce one Computer Science concept.


  • Grades: 2 – 7 (Ages 7 – 12)
  • Prerequisites: None
Python Play

In this STEAM class, we continue exploring the power of Python. We finish a new project every week as we begin to combine outside concepts, that students are likely learning at school, with Computer Science. We write programs that perform algebraic operations for users, automatically round numbers, compute roots/squares/factorials, and draw colorful geometric shapes based on user input. This will reinforce the concepts they’ve learned while forming a connection between Computer Science and other principles.

  • Grades: 4 – 8 (Ages 9 – 13)
  • Prerequisites: Python Power! or equivalent coding experience
Python Programming

In this STEAM class, we work toward proficiency with the Python programming language by coding several popular games! We start by making a couple simple programs to understand how to draw moving graphics, but quickly move on to create the famous classic, Pong! Then we learn the inner workings of 2048 and Flat Jewels (a “bejeweled” clone) and write parts of the code to make the games complete and even more awesome than the original versions!


  • Grades: 6 – 9 (Ages 11 – 14)
  • Prerequisites: Python Play or equivalent coding experience
Python Poetry

In this STEAM class, we discover the true potential of Python & Computer Science. First, we impart a lesson on one of the pillars of software development, reuse, by utilizing the sympy library to compute all the same algebraic expressions we had previously written a program for in Python Play. If it already exists, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! We move on to use Scrapy, SciPy, pyglet, Beautiful Soup, Python for Windows Extensions, and IPython for a myriad of applications to show the power of the language and its community.


  • Grades: 6 – 11 (Ages 11 – 17)
  • Prerequisites: Python Programming or significant prior programming experience with a high-level language (such as Java, Python, C#, C++, etc.)
Java Programming with Minecraft

This is not a normal Java class, this is Java Programming with Minecraft; an exciting yet challenging way to learn programming in Java while adding your own creative touch to a Minecraft realm. In this class, kids will learn the basics of Object-Oriented Programming and Java, and then we will dive into the awesome world of Minecraft where students are going to create their very own mod. They are going to be engaged and have fun from the first minute to the last one!

  • Grades: 3rd+ (Ages 8+)
  • Prerequisites: None

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