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Happy Code Club provides After-School programs and Technology Summer Camps for grades K-8.

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After-School Coding and Robotics Programs

Technology subjects provide schools and groups with an array of choices, each containing Elementary and Middle School classes.

We want to make it easy to integrate one of our subjects into your after-school offerings so we can make a recommendation based on your unique needs.

We provide everything you need to run a class in any room at your school including computers, robots, instructors that will travel to your school and provide Computer Science curriculums for ages K-10. You can run our Coding Programs from Fall through Spring as well as Technology Summer Camp Activities blended with your Camp.

We put an emphasis on fun projects that kids enjoy at the end of a long school day and an emphasis on quality so that kids come back season after season. Give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with all of the details you need to run a successful Coding and Robotics after-school set of activities at your school or organization.

Happy Code Club

Scratch, Python, Roblox Studio, ScratchJR, Code.org, Javascript

Skill Level: Grades 2-12

If your kid loves Video Games this is the subject for them.
In this subject kids build their own video games using fun coding languages that are easy and fun to learn. We will place them in age appropropriate projects that will be rewarding each day of class. The children learn Computer Science concepts used in the real world and along the way students learn skills like Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Kids also pick up on Computer Programming skills such as Sequencing, Iteration, Conditional Statements and Variables all while having fun making games. Parents are invited at each session end to see their children’s creations.

Happy Code Club

EV3 Mindstorms, Ozobots, Sphero, Robotics Simulator

Skill Level: Grades 2-10

If your kid loves Robots this is the perfect subject for them.
In this fun discovery class kids journey into Robotics, Electronics, Engineering and Coding. Every day they work on a new creation that is interesting and fun to build and program. The projects we work on allow for unlimited creativity. There is some trial and error in this subject in which they are encouraged to think critically about their creations and how they are affected by different conditions. Students may tinker with creations on various robotics platforms and may be encouraged to compete in a yearly robotics competition. Parents are invited to see their child’s creations and take home wonderful pictures of their finished projects.

Happy Code Club

All subjects we offer are available in this program

Skill Level: Grades 2-10

Future leading women of the world need to get exposure at an early age. Girls as young as 5 can begin their journey into the Digital Age. Several Topics will be covered including Coding, Robotics, Design and Critical Thinking where our emphasis is on fun projects that are stimulating and rewarding. Parents are invited at the conclusion of each session to see their children’s creations.

Happy Code Club

Wearable Technology, 3D Printing (limited availability)

Skill Level: Grades 3-10

If your kids wants to build their own amazing gaming pc, make their own game characters, program their Minecraft Server and Mods, then this is the subject perfect for them to explore. Your child will be amazed as they are introduced to various challenges to make things they can dream, see and finally touch. Note: Amazing Gaming Machine workshop includes the cost of the parts, kids take home their amazing gaming machine. Kids take home creations they make in this class.

Limited Availability. 

Happy Code Club

Scratch jr, Kodable, WEdo 2.0, Scratch,

Makey Makey

Skill Level: Grades K-1

Little ones begin their journey into Computer Science and coding their first games on iPads. These tools make it easy for little hands to manipulate Visual Programming Languages and get immediate gratification for their efforts. We will guide them in making simple games, stories, and Robotic creations on Lego WEdo. It’s Coding and Robotics fun from the first minute to the last. Kids share their projects during and at the end of the session and take home pictures of their creations.

Happy Code Club VR

Virtual Reality, App Design and Game Programming for Mobile

Skill Level: Grades 5-12

Designing for Mobile is more relevant today than ever! Every application and website must be designed with a focus on practicality for Mobile users and thus this course treats Computer Programming from Design Perspective as well as a Functional Perspective.

We will bring design to life and use them in realistic apps they create. We will guide them through creations that quickly will inspire students on how professionals are using these basics ideas to solve everyday problems with Technology Innovation.

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