School Programs & Coding Club Memberships

Computer Science Pathways at Happy Code Club

Our After School Drop Off and Weekend Club features Computer Science Pathways that offer parents an easy way to enroll in any of our programs with or without a membership and without having to decide which class to enroll in each time because our counselors will work work with your child and place them in an age and skill appropriate group in our club. If you still want to choose a class, you can, just sign up for our weekend classes.

How it works? 

SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP- Receive unlimited monthly access to the  After-School Drop Off Club running TUE-THUR. Cancel anytime

PAY AS YOU GO- Drop in on the days of your choice with pay as you go option.

WHEN?- STARTING DEC 2019 Club house is open during the school year only and it is not running when school is closed. You may come to the clubhouse anytime after school dismissal and receive flexible pick up until 6PM.

CLUB AND CS PATHWAY LEARNING- Children who join the club can take any of the classes offered in our Coding and Robotics Pathway and the Design Pathway. Children will be placed in age and skill appropriate levels and be moved into a new groups when they complete a certificate of completion in a program in the pathway. Example: If your kid is 7 years old and has little to no experience she will be placed in a beginner group starting with an age appropriate coding language such as Scratch. She will work in Scratch with kids her age or older until she completes 8-12 Weeks of Project Work creating Games until she develops the skill to move up to a higher level in Scratch or is advised to go into another language such as Lua. Alternatively, she may decide to try our Robotics Pathway for the next 8-12 weeks where she will start a new journey in this new learning pathway. 

TYPICAL DAY:(Sample, subject to change based on class workshop length or we may flip the schedule and do Workshop Projects earlier if groups arrive earlier from school)

Students will have a Typical Day that follows a predictable schedule: 

2:00PM-3:30 Snack Time, unwind after your bus ride and catch up with friends 

3:30-4:PM Homework Time. Catch up on your homework and school unfinished work/projects. Get Help from mentors at the Club

4-4:30PM Group TimeAssembly. Get to know new members, Instructors, Play a group game and discuss your projects, report to your Designated Group to start your Coding Projects and receive your weekly, daily goal for your Coding Pathway work.

4:30PM-5:20PM Start your Coding Pathway work

5:30-6PM Get ready for dismissal and pick up. 

After-School and Weekend Memberships

Single day or Memberships that allow you to bring your child to our club after school or weekend. Click below to register or come to our club to see it for yourself!

Summer and Holiday Camps

Summer Camp

Technology Camp 2019 is now over but we sure had a blast! If you missed don’t worry we are taking registrations for Summer 2020 at the 2019 prices for a limited time. Note prices will increase in 2020 so this is a limited time opportunity to put a deposit and pay monthly toward 2020 Technology Summer Camp. We will feature over 14 classes per week so you can be assured there is something of interest for your camper. Call 203-323-7000 to place your deposit today.

Holiday Camp

Winter and Spring Technology Camps registrations will appear here soon! Return to this page soon for more information.

At your School Programs and Camps

Organizing your own group is a great way to have classes on your schedule, reduce the price of lessons and create a custom program for your kids ages and talents. We provide discounted rates for groups you arrange. To arrange for a private group give us a call.

We respect your privacy. We will never sell or give away your personal information to any third party.