Student of the Month – November 🍎

Riley is our Student of the Month for being an incredibly enthusiastic and engaged coder. She was “Princess Bubblegum” (from Adventure Time) at our HappyCode Halloween celebration 👸🏼👑

We love all of the great projects she’s created in our Chirpy Programmer Scratch class, checkout some of her shared projects here (her latest remix “Quest Game” here).

Her Mom had this to say:

Riley has loved technology and movies since she’s been born, and she LOVES Princess Peach from Super Mario. She also has what might be considered photographic like memory. Doesn’t forget a thing!

Fun fact: she knows when every single Disney movie was made, by year!
Her favorites things are going to the movies & having sleepovers with her cousins.

We are lucky to have not only one such great student, but many all with unique stories and awesome projects! Look forward to reading about our December Student of the Month ❄⛄ If you aren’t already subscribed to our Monthly Newsletter, join below to read about the next Student of the Month as soon as we publish!

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