Summer Camp 2019 Description

Summer Camp 2019

This year is exciting because we will have more space, more great instructors, newer content, a proven method of teaching, more training for our staff, and an improved experience for your camper.

Your camper will be treated to a fun and learning Session of Camp that is full of activities he/she will love, featuring Coding, Robotics and Design where they will use their time to work on projects they find interesting and rewarding.

Sessions are 2 weeks long. (you may register for a one week experience but we recommend a complete session).

Note: We don’t recommend registering for more than 1 full two week session.

Technologies: Scratch, Python, Unity3D, Modding,

Skill Level: All Levels

If your kid loves Video Games this is the right camp experience for them!

In this Learning Path, kids build their own video games using coding languages that are easy and fun to learn. We will place them in age-appropriate classes that will be rewarding with each project completed. Children learn real-world Computer Science concepts such as Sequencing, Iteration, Conditional Statements, and Variables all while having fun making games. Along the way, students also hone skills like Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Parents are invited at session end to see their children’s creations.

Technologies: EV3 Mindstorms, Ozobots, Sphero

Skill Level: All Levels

If your kid loves Robots they will love this camp.

In this fun discovery class kids journey into Robotics, Electronics, Engineering, and Coding. Every day they work on a new creation that is interesting and fun to build and program. The projects we work on allow for unlimited creativity. Students are encouraged to think critically about their creations and how they are affected by different conditions, to overcome simple trial and error testing. Students may tinker with creations on various robotics platforms and may be encouraged to compete in a yearly robotics competition. Parents are invited to see their child’s creations and take home wonderful pictures of their finished projects.

Technologies: Programming, Robotics, Maker Station, Digital Design

Skill Level: All Skill Levels

We encourage girls as young as 5 to participate in our camp and learn from experienced instructors who make projects appealing and fun. Several Topics will be covered including Coding, Robotics, Design and Critical Thinking where our emphasis is on fun projects that are stimulating and rewarding.

Parents are invited at the conclusion of each session to see their children’s creations.

Technologies: 3D Design, 3D Printing, Makey Makey

Skill Level: All Skill Levels

Your child will be amazed as they are introduced to various challenges to make things they can imagine and see how they come alive on the screen. They learn design concepts used incorporate them into their creations. Kids take home creations in 3D Printers at the completion of the session. 

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